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Thursday 9 september

I'm having class today but our lovely lecturer TL having diarrhea problem so class cancel o__O I also have class on Friday and Saturday but because of Hari Raya so no class. This semester timetable is so funny, i only have class on thursday to saturday, Friday need to stay for whole day until 7pm, sad :(
Okie, i have gathering at night with primary school friend, it's really amazing that we can meet back each other from facebook!

Know which 1 is me??? hahahahahahahaha, that time so cute la XD Now become leng zhai d la me. 
Well, i didn't meet them 7 years, can't imagine about it. I mean i never thought i can meet all of them back actually but now we did it!!! The most amazing is we got so damn many topics to chat about. At first me and chee hau was still worrying whether later we got things to say or not but we are over worry about it. Although only 16 people showed up, but it was really great. We are having our gathering at Sri Petaling Oversea Restaurant.

sze kei used to be my best friend in primary, met her back at The One academy now since she is studying multimedia. haha

Took this when we are still waiting for others. All the boys said i'm still the same height so i just sit and let them stand behind lo T___T

I'm not the one who keep on talking actually T___T
just don't know why everytime also snap picture while i'm talking.
They said i'm still so talkative. 
Still got group pictures but i haven't get it. So might upload it next time when i get it. haha
They are really crazy after that they went for yum cha at Desa Petaling then 4am went Broga hills. 
hahahahha, i left after this and accompany Mun Mun for movie at Mid Valley. He is my brother manXD 
No points, he sat lun aikz... break up with GF. Sometimes really pity him, everytime ask me for movie also get rejected by me because i went to watched with my brother's friends. So, what happening is i watched all the movie that showed at that day that time. At the end i choose to watch INCEPTION again with him because i think this is the most amazing movie that i wanted to watch again.

Friday, 10 september 

Woke up at around 2pm.
My sister come back today from Singapore!!!! Then we all go Plaza Low Yat to purchase her laptop. She is still using my dad's laptop and now she wanna buy one herself. We all going except my brother because he went to Cameron Highlands during the time that i just wanted to go on my bed at around 4am. She is hesitating for VAIO or DELL, at last she choose DELL because VAIO new design is not her cup of tea and DELL new design color is damn nice. After that we go DAORAE for dinner !!!
I think this is the first time she treat us~

Then we back home. Actually i still need to go for snowflake with sapi, loke them geh, but out of sudden, sapi need to back to Seremban. So we decide to have it on Saturday luh~ My sister's BF come up, so my older sis , me and younger sis also had our haircut that night. hahahaha, actually i'm still hesitate whether want to keep my fringe long or just cut it, and at last ~~ CUT JOR LA!!
Look a little bit dumb actually.... i guess keep it long better?

this is what before... my dad said can't see my eye so he always prefer i have short fringe. 
How leh?? How leh??
Whatever bah~~

Saturday 11 september

As usual i slept until 2pm i guess.... Then my brother come back at 5pm i think, then 7pm we went for dinner with parent and little sister at Happy Garden Bak gut teh... My older sister went out early in the morning to meet her colleague and friends. After that me and my bro go for snowflake with sapi, loke and kum yeh. hahahahaha.. snowflake always full of people o____O 

Sunday 12 september

My sister go back to Singapore at around 2pm. I will miss her T_____T 
She left with my parents at around 12pm which that time i'm still lying on bed but wake up soon. Need to go Mid Valley for movie !!! RESIDENT EVIL 4 AFTERLIFE..hahahahahaha
After we get our tickets we go Kim Gary for my brunch their lunch o___O

ini sapi punya watch!

This is my CHILDISH brother. TOM

This i think he was just coordinate with my bro. LOKE a.k.a JERRY
After brunch we went for MOVIE LA!!!

I changed my watch belt color to purple. nice huh?? hehe

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