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working 23-26 dec 2010

working as part time at leisure mall on 23 to 26 dec 2010...
finally i found a job while i'm sem break, although only 4 days...
alright, first day i only realized that the people who in charge was actually the judge of the competition of perfect ice. lolx....
he changed his job, now working as rotiboy!!!
hahahaa, okie... i feel that i'm really big while i heard that most of them were only 17,18 years old. o___O
indeed, i'm big. hahahaha
have to stand from 11am to 9pm, leg broke...
the toughest thing was actually being the mascot, at first they wanted boy to be mascot but because boy was too tall, all the kids scare of them... so i had to be the mascot, because my size suitable o__O
alright... photosssssssssss
yes, this was me o__O handsome right???
have to keep moving, dancing to attract people ...
inside was freaking hot!! i'm totally wet.
peek a boo o___O

kids love to bully me o_O

we pity each other perhaps? coz it's freaking hot!

some of my colleagues!!!

this was the first day, i'm actually just being as a frogurt!
and that time the tallest guy was being the mascot !!! 
nowonder kids scare him, coz he is huge.hahahaha

group photo taken for last day!!!
goodbye rotiboy!!!!


00psss Nic said...

dear!!! u r sooooo cute!!!!!
wana kiss u a!!!!

liuxing siaw said...

haha, i got video too if you wanna watch it!haha