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i HATE menstruation period

Menstruation is really driving MOST of the girl to crazy max~~ I guess no girl will like to have it yet we had to =__________=
First, we can't even know when it will come, even if we know the date, we know how to count, we know is around which day, it's just useless! It won't really come accurately. Some times when you think it's around the corner so you put the sanitary pad but damn it, you wasted one of it. Of course, it's not cheap. On the other hand, when you think still not the time yet who knows, it's came and if you didn't prepare any sanitary pad, then byebye.... ask for classmate, colleague, friends or the worst thing, put tissue first~ and so, 1 underwear gone and if you love that underwear of maybe that's is branded, then cry ba....

One of the thing is i think guy should try to understand more from their girlfriend or maybe some friends. At least you could get the knowledge and how pity when girls having menstruation period. I remember that time i went to Hong Kong with my parents and my parents's friend family. They got 2 sons and both of them bring girlfriend along. That time we just checked in to the hotel,after that the uncle told us meet up at lift area after 10 minutes then go for dinner. So we meet up at lift area, but wait for a period of time, his elder son and his girlfriend haven't come out. His father started to whine and knock their door, they asked us go first then will come to us later but we decided to wait them at lobby. So when all of us get into the lift, and the uncle whining and scolding inside the lift. We all are like o___O innocent? hahaha...nobody dare to say the uncle back but my mum did. Because we knew that his son girlfriend having menstruation period and have to do some clean up so 10 minutes was not enough. I believe girls hate having menstruation period when traveling, is just fucking annoying!! So the uncle complaint said you girl don't know want meh? having menstruation period should prepare earlier de ma..ha, now make whole world waiting for her. you girls so mafan bla bla bla inside the lift and of course i'm damn angry that time but i didn't said anything because i need to respect him =____= so i keep on silent until my mum say him back. Tell him you think so easy ah? this kind of thing we also can't predict, all not accurate 1, we also dont know when will come de ma....then we all girls inside say yea yea yea....hahahaha

So i think guys should understand more about it and shows some respect too. Of course i'm not asking you guys to be little man while your girlfriend or wife having menstruation period, just atleast don't say them mafan or blame on them. They don't want to be like this too. Just at least try to understand that kind of trouble already make all the GIRLS crazy. Let's try to imagine when your girlfriend already in the crazy mood, it's okie that you didn't concern about it or care about it, but on the contrary you still blame on her and say very mafan, how she feel?

Frankly, i admit i will be damn bad temper when having menstruation period. Imagine sometimes it's just like a waterfall when you are working, studying, or doing some outdoor thing. It's make you so uncomfortable and will start to worry whether will full or not. Can't wear white pants, scare will overload in a situation that you didn't realized and all the people saw it. Usually i have to use the long sanitary pad even in the morning. 28cm, 30cm,35cm +++ when comes to the night, i even have to use 40cm and add tissue behind just to protect my bed. Can't sleep well because keep worrying whether it's will spread out to bed or blanket. It's really pity.... of course most of the girl will have menstruation period pain and some even can't get down from bed. Imagine girls have to suffer like this since they are 13,14 or even some 11,12 ....

Oh ya, if guys wanna know the feeling of it, i got an idea. You can go and get 1 of the sanitary pad and wet it put on your underwear for whole day, see nice or not? But of course you all can't really feel much because yours are fixed liquid level but us are keep increasing. I hope guys when you read this, try to understand and concern about your girlfriend about this. Don't say they are so mafan, don't blame on them... Maybe some of the girls will get angry easily when having menstruation period, but if you treat her nicely and concern about her when having menstruation period, i don't think they will get angry of it.

Lastly, having menstruation period are really FUCKING ANNOYING AND TROUBLING ME!!!!!!

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Sapi said...

i do think that most of the partner will know how suffer u girls having ~ and wouldn act like the uncle u mentioning there haha~

hope u doin well to get rid of the bad feelings there =)

nek sek si lar