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currently studying

alright, now is the midnight 1:39am...OMG, i can't believe i'm not doing any assignment but studying for tomorrow moral exam!!! i didn't really study and read on book last time but i do in college...because it's really stress. Most of my time are already used for assignment,and now i have to burn the midnight oil for moral! i can't believe it =_______= and it's just a LAN subject for my course!!! goodness, tomorrow after exam need to stay back and rush assignment again. guess i can't really have good sleep because of final!!!
although i never had good sleep during this sem~ few of my classmate are burning the midnight oil as well, we are all chatting inside the msn group... everyone are talking about moral exam, jason's office design assignment and tiong lay section plan assignment o_____O
haiz, got a lot of things to do in this week, but now i have to make myself concentrate to study moral!!!
I'm so sleeeeeeeeeepy~~
now only i realized actually i'm a hardworking student~ consider right???
now should i say hi to bed and say bye to moral????
hesitating ~~~

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