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nothing but crazy

yea, i know i'm leng zhai!

This was wrote at yesterday midnight, but i think blogspot having a little bit problem so i couldn't upload pictures~~~ Today went to pertama complex which located beside SOGO, first time i went there, it was a real old building. Since we are not familiar with the way,we keep on missing out the way to Pertama complex =___________+ I think we used almost 1 and half hour to get there??
The reason i went there is to find my brother birthday present which is Camera bagpack!
Actually we wanna buy him the white nike sneakers but we wanna get something more useful to him.
camera flash? fish eye ?? no no, out of budget! too expensive~~
and so we get the camera bag pack for him!
But we couldn't find something nice in pertama complex so we decided head to low yat.
We searched for few shops, some are out of budget and some not so nice.
Suddenly i saw someone familiar at don't know what shop name~~
considered as friend, because we knew each other while working but different shop.
then i tell him i'm looking for camera bag pack, he straight away ask his opposite shop friend:" wei, camera bag pack ahr!! RM200++ geh." then his friend was o_O and bring us to the bag pack area said here all RM300 with chance. That time i was like o__________O because before that i saw all the bag pack prices are 389,499.
After i tell him i want the black 1, how much you can give me? He looked at the price for while and said 290. The bag originally need RM499 and he can gave me 290.
of course finally i bought that bag pack.

this is so called crazy?

uh huh uh huh~~nice glasses!!!

my favorite ULTRAMAN! well i'm looking for only 1 head ultraman fan.


4 ™ said...

wow, the spec.... doesnt look practical but nice.

liuxing siaw said...

wow, thank you! hahaha