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This few days!!

all right, this few days was quite busy but the most important thing that i didn't update my blog for this few days is TIRED!!! really tired, brain can't even functioning. So let's started from sunday, sunday me,my bro,sapi,loke and KM woke up damn early for movie =___+ 11am movie man, first time in my life.
we went to had breakfast without loke at kuchai lama JOJO pan mee at 9am. After that we fetch loke and head to Mid valley. This was the first time we bought 2 different movie time ticket at the same time.
11am movie was the "city under siege" and another one was 2:45pm " grown up". Is really quite sick and tired keep continuous to watched movie like that. But both movie was great, Grown up is a meaningful movie.


Big Big Day for my Brother!!!

This is an even more busy day. i woke up at 8am for photo shooting at Mont Kiara. It was a butik shop, so this shooting of course is to promote and show up how nice was their dress,shirt or whatever else. But maybe i'm too short or those shirt are not my age type, all not suitable for me i think. But still got some that okie for me and guess what? that photographer are using 5D mark 2 !!! OMG...okie, let it be. After shooting i went to carrefour wrap my brother present with sapi at 3 something. We bought the largest and biggest paper bag to keep the present, while in the car, i was thinking to cover the present with something so that it's not so obvious and had more fun when he receive the present. So i use mahjong paper to wrap it, the most funniest thing was me and sapi decided to wrote a chinese word which is mahjong word as well.

And then we went to buy birthday cake. The cake design was quite fresh, the photo not with me so can't show you guyz. So we went to had our dinner at Ampang point area that korean street.Photos are not with me as well. At my brother camera and i quite lazy to take it now =__+
After the dinner we went to yum cha at Happy Garden. 
Another tiring day.


The independent MERDEKA day!!!
Today woke up at 11am because had a gathering with fans club member!
yea, quite excited actually because i think this is the first time we met again after the concert.

We gathered at sungai wang mcdonald at 1pm, then we walked to pavilion since sungai wang is crowded =______+
Mandy suggest that we can had a break at snowflake so we head to it. snowflake always full of people even the shop at subang.

after that we jalan jalan for a while, and then they went home and i continued back to time square had movie with my brother and his friends. I'm consider forced by them because they fetch me there so i have to follow them back and so watched movie with them. 
a movie with the bad bad bad and bad ending! i hate it >___<

so others photo i guess i will post it out next time, i'm so damn tired now!

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