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New hair color

I bought this yesterday~

It's is milk tea beige color, i think i'd try this color before. My hair color now is chocolate brown with some natural color hair grown out. So i decided to dye this color now~~
This is quite nice to use, won't hurt your hair. It's still smooth after you dyed. Yea, really! The most important thing is....IT'S NOT EXPENSIVE!
It's only cost RM19.XX something. Nice huh? haha
Let's see inside~

Ah hah ah hah~ It's look so girl right? haha...
Although i don't like pink but it's quite useful...
oh ya, it's japan product! 
I recommended ya, you all can try next time! 
Usually this kind of DIY hair color product they provided a small conditional right?
but this product doesn't provide conditional, it gives this~

 Is a hair cream! Is to apply on your hair after finish dyed and dry it.

Before hair color~~
and after?? show tomorrow la~~


Anonymous said...

nice :)

liuxing siaw said...

thank you.

Sui Lian said...

is it work for coloring self? what brand is it ya?

liuxing siaw said...

hey Sui Lian,
is beauteen,you can find it in Watson, Guardian ya.
is from japan and it's not that hurt out hair and cheap as well ^^