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WONG KOK birthday celebration

hello! yea, let's talk some about yesterday ( should be thursday) moral exam. okie, 60 objectives question and 2 subjective question.I'm quite confidence on subjective but when i looked at objectives, i was like O___________O it's really drive me crazy! I was so headache when reading those question, i don't even know how to answer it but it was passed, so i think i'm not supposed to worry on it. I should worry on my assignment!!! Have to pass up on monday and i only did 20% of it!!!! Have to burn midnight oil again in this two day.

Alright, today i've been invited to a birthday party at pavilion WONG KOK. We total got 12 people but 1 were late because of work. Actually we are celebrated for 2 people,1 actual birthday was wednesday and 1 birthday is today, means friday.So we got 2 huge teh ice =_______= ~ while we were all enjoying the celebration,nightmare happened! But we still don't know about it. So when around 11 to 12 , we all leave and went to took our car separately. So 4 of us included my brother went to get out car and because it's pretty late so that most of the escalator are closed so we got down by the outside escalator. After paid for the parking ticket fees, we went to search for our car.That time car park was so empty and we keep walking to search for our car. Finally we found it, but the remote key couldn't function. My brother keep on trying but it's still the same,so he decided to use key to open the door but will alert the alarm. Normally when using key to open the door, we still can off the alarm inside the car but maybe we don't know how to off it or this car doesn't has any switches to off it, it's keep on ringing. When the car was ringing, we can't even start the car. So at last we have to get out from the car and close the door back. When we were worrying about it and on the other hand we think of the parking ticket! yea, we had paid for it but we were all know stuck at pavilion car park! So we walked all the way up to search for security and ask for the ticket problem. We can't find the security so we ask from the auto pay machines, PRESS HELP! The person who inside the machines ( it's was my cold joke =__+) told us that we just have to pay extra RM3 and we should be able to get out. At last, my brother called his friend get the spare car key from my dad and come to save us.
FINALLY, we get out from pavilion!!! okie, i have to rest now because i have to rush assignment again tomorrow!!! bye

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