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Vic's 21st birthday party!!

Saturday was MR Vic Lau Khai Ping 21st birthday party! So we all 9 people (rainie, vanessa,andy,tang tang,allen,kim swee,sayaka,weenee and me) drove all the way to Penang and attend his birthday party! This is the first time i went to Penang, a little bit of excited while crossing the Penang bridge,hahaha. But after that i said to them, still in Malaysia !

hahaahaha... alright, we all bought him Lee hom new released album and iphone GREEN color cover.
His parent rent 2 room at Krytals suite hotel for us, erm...the hotel is okie but only 1 bathroom o__O is really quite inconvenient for me. Although all of us are quite close and went vacation few times as well, but this time really inconvenient because i'm having period >___< somemore is the 2nd day!! OMG, have to sit inside the car drove 3 - 4 hours somemore!!! HELP~~~ T___________________T

This one not so handsome person is VIC la....The most handsome one is writing the blog now~~hahaha
Hope he like the present that we bought to him. We all were so headache what to buy that time, he seems like own everything he liked. What he want is just vacation, vacation and vacation!
He is those people who love and enjoy travel a lot so you can't believe that he is heading to TAIWAN on monday which is tomorrow!!! But i quite jealous about him and his family.They are so close like friend,even better than friend? I remembered after he had cut and divide all the cake to people, his father suddenly put the cream on his face and ran away with laughter!!! Then his housemate turns. He chased them back but failed and he put the cream on his grandma's face!They are so warm.
Here are some photos i took at penang

We went there for 2 days 1 night, back on sunday. It's quite tiring yet we had a lot fun here. Everyone are getting more mature. Hope we can have more trip next time.

and......... here my hair color

can see?? you all next time the close up view then!

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