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Sem break

yea, finally it's sem break!!! hope i can really say bye to 2nd year 1st sem, and proceed to 2nd sem!! I hope i can get at A and B, of course who don't hope to have good result? haha
last saturday i went to college to rush jason's assignment which is workplace design in CG lab 2. Around 1pm i went to printing shop to print tiong lay's assignment. I received a call from someone because my car is blocking her car, so i had to run over the way to library get my car key and reverse my car. Then i went back to printing shop. After that me and vanessa went to 7 eleven because she need a cup of coffee badly,then we went to bought our lunch and got back to CG lab 2 continue our assignment. Around 6pm, we leave CG lab2, and when i went to took my car, i found that my car key had lost! I even went back to college and search all over. At last i think my car key left inside the printing shop, i called the printing shop boss and he said yes but he had closed at 2pm and is heading to JB!! OMG, so i called my brother to get the spare car key for me. That time he was at Ikea, he had to drove over back to Sri Petaling and drove to Sunway just to pass me the car key.

Nowadays really forgetful, always forget to bring pendrive, even i bring my laptop but forget pendrive =______= and all my assignment are inside the pendrive. Now i even forgot to take my car key! Never mind, since was already over. Today i passed up all the assignment and currently having sem break, but i think i need a job badly. Really hard to get a job since i'm only having sem break for 3 weeks~~
haiz, smile smile smile!! Will the fortunes smile on me as well if i smile everyday????

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